Painted Ladies

Butterfly  Releases For Weddings And Special Occasions


        Release live butterflies for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, 
     graduation, prom, memorial service or any special event to add a 
     uniquely colorful  touch that will create a lasting impression.

     Our lives are filled with a variety of events celebrating new beginnings
     and changes. The majestic butterfly accentuates the essence of change.
     What better way of celebrating the amazing new beginnings in our lives 
      than with a cloud of these magical creatures?

     Our hand-raised butterflies are individually packaged in attractive 
     envelopes, then sent overnight in time for your event.  On your special 
     day, appointed guests can participate in the celebration by setting free 
     these beautiful fluttering creatures.

     Contact us by phone or email and let us arrange to make your next 
     'new beginning' a very special one indeed.

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